Progressive Flow


In Progressive Flow, you will find yourself moving through a sequence a total of three times. Each flow will build off the last with the quickening of pace and the option to advance or amplify every posture. It is a practice that is suitable for all levels.

The first round is a slow moving, yet muscle strengthening “base flow”.  During this time, students will investigate each posture and build a strong foundation to wake the body up and invigorate each muscle, holding each pose about 5 breaths.

In the second round, movement will be a bit quicker and the transitions to each posture will come more fluidly. Core strength is used more as you move into balancing postures and preparatory poses for peak postures.

Lastly, the third and final round of flow will bring a more simplified version of the flow and the full peak postures will be introduced. It is encouraged to move to and from each posture with the guidance of breath. Everything is optional, and students are always welcome to modify the flow to best suit their practice!.



This is our faster paced, aerobic, Vinyasa flow class. This class promotes deep and even breathing while performing various yoga asanas. Our Vinyasa Flow class will get your heart rate up and help you build strength both physically and mentally.

Relax + Restore

Stretch and care for your body with our Yin based yoga class. We will use breathing techniques and Yin yoga postures focused on releasing stress and tension trapped in the body.

Morning Rise

Morning rise is a class that combines beautiful breath work, meditation , and yoga practice. This slower paced practice will give you everything you need to feel connected and strong for the rest of the day. It’s the perfect way to get up and rise.

Mindful Movement

Mindful Movement is our slow Vinyasa based class where you will build strength and agility. Holding on to your flow and allowing it to slowly progress as you grow you strength and your overall body awareness.

Align + Flow


This class is based on the teachings and style of Iyengar. You will use props and learn proper posture and alignment while moving through your practice.

Yin + Flow


Yin + Flow is a great well rounded practice for those who want to move and flow without skimping on the stretch. This practice builds in each asana as you flow between Yin postures with ease.