How Did We Get Here..............

I didn’t start as a yoga teacher…. My journey began at 18 when a good friend brought me to a Kundalini yoga class on our college campus. Like many college students stress, self doubt, and no real direction were the order of the day. The yoga practice felt good it’s the first time I can remember was using my body and mind in a way that I really hadn't before.

From that moment on I was hooked. Life took me in a million different directions…from being a mom, to being the head of creative for national cable networks, getting married, and then going through a divorce and a re-focus of a family direction. Through it all I had my yoga practice. No matter how I felt from day to the I knew I could roll out my mat and experience something that was only mine.

The moment you step on your mat you’re instructed to focus on you. Your breath, your movement, and your mind are all you need to pay attention to during that time. It was life changing for me because most of the world is based on comparison. Our looks, weight, home, and lifestyle seem to be in a constant ranking system against everyone else, but that’s not yoga…..

Yoga is the journey of the self, to the self, through the self. That is the beauty in your practice.

See you on the mat!